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Vanity Remover 1.6

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Updated: Dec 28, 2009 by Svish
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Release Notes

I have tested it on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista and Windows XP. I have also run it successfully on Windows under Mono, so it should run on Linux and Mac OS X as well I think. Let me know how it ran if you have tested it on either Linux or Mac OS X. I'm curious!

It's written it in C# and requires the .NET Framework 3.5. On Windows 7 and Vista it should already be installed, but on XP you might need to install it. On XP (and possibly 7 and Vista) you might need to install the latest .NET Framework 3.5 Service Packs as well, but that you should have done long ago anyways :-)

Issues, bugs and feature requests

If you find any bugs, would like some new features, general complaint or whatever, please let me know by using the Issue Tracker. Not the review feature!


  • Created a separate console version of the application. Can be useful as part of a script or to run as a windows task or linux cronjob or something like that.
  • Deleted directories will be written to a log-file (and printed to the console in case of the console version).
  • It now ignores directories that are marked as hidden, system, et cetera. Can be overridden with a switch.
  • Added support for some switches:
    • -q: Run, clean and quit without requiring any user intervention. The directory to clean must be supplied as a command-line argument for this to do any good.
    • -s: No output. No console printing, no logging, no nothing. (For the gui version, the gui will still be visible of course, but no logging will be done).
    • -a: Clean all directories including hidden directories, system directories and so on.
    • -v: Be verbose by also outputting all the directories that were not deleted and why.
    • -h: Output help about the switches.

  • You can now drag and drop a folder onto the executable and it will open up with that folder as initial path. Isn't that just fantastic, or what??

  • Otherwise some various refactoring has of course occurred in the code base.

  • No longer crashing when trying to read a folder with no access.
  • Changed the icons and made the application icon show up in the task bar.
  • The cleaning process can now be cancelled.
  • When finished, it will report how many folders were scanned and deleted.
  • Code base has been refactored quite a bit.
  • TFS bindings have been broken (I've started using subversion instead).

  • Smaller changes to the UI.
  • Some fixing here and there.
  • Removed some unused references.

  • Fixed a stupid error in 1.0.

  • First released version of the program! (And apparently it was a bit buggy...)